S.M.A.R.T. Control Board

The new S.M.A.R.T. Control Board is the brains of the new air handler series. Combined with the E.C. motor it provides the highest level of Indoor Comfort that a homeowner demands.

Features of the S.C.B are:

  • The ability to manage both airflow and motor speed according to the needs of the thermostat and or zoning needs.
  • Two options to set airflow:
  1. Download software-(LINK) and connect to a laptop or notebook to adjust the program via USB cable (Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7)
  2. On board, switch selectable pre-programmed settings
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • An enhanced soft start and soft stop

Precise Airflow Control

With the new E.C. motor and S.C.B you have a high performance air distribution system that is a step above the SDHV industry standard. Our advanced software gives you unrivaled control of the E.C. motor, resulting in a constant CFM across a wide range of operating conditions. When compared to the industry, most E.C. motors are factory programmed for specific airflow and do not allow changes which limits your ability to provide a customized heating and cooling solution.

The new S.C.B gives you the following advantages:

  • Several pre-set options to choose from
  • Customizable in six different modes of operation, from minimum and maximum CFM to maximum motor RPM
  • Connect to a laptop or notebook to adjust the program through a USB cable
  • Dedicated Unico webpage to download software
  • Addition of Low Heat setting which was not available with the ACB
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