Air Handlers

At the heart of the Unico System is our air handler, which is made up of the blower housing module and the fan coil module. They can be configured horizontally or vertically to ensure they will fit wherever they are used. The air handler can easily be installed above ceilings or in crawl-spaces, closets, basements, or the attic.

The modular layout of our air handler lets you choose the right options for your project. Modules can be combined as heating only, cooling only, or a heating and cooling fan coil unit.

Each air handler accommodates a blower module, which adjusts proper airflow and can be used as ventilation only. You can also select a standard refrigerant based heat pump (will heat and cool) coil, a refrigerant based cooling only coil, chilled water coil, hot water coil or electric based heating module.

The Unico air handler provides a variety of options to improve the outcome of your system, including a return air box, drip pan, humidifier, and air filter. To protect your home, we also offer high filtration and venting systems, for fresher, cleaner air, and UV light options to kill bacteria.

Air Handler Specifications
Model Recommended Minimum # of Outlets Capacity (Tons) Capacity BTU's Dimensions
1218 6 1 to 1.5 12,000 - 18,000 38x20x12
2430 12 2 to 2.5 24,000 - 30,000 25x13.75x17.5
3036 14 2.5 to 3 30,000 - 36,000 30x13.75x17.5
3642 24 3 to 3.5 36,000 - 42,000 38x13.75x17.5
4860 30 4 to 5 48,000 - 60,000 38x13.75x17.5
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