Our company features two main product lines – The Unico System and Unico iSeries.

The Unico System is a fully modular central HVAC system that includes a blower, heating and/or cooling coils, and our small supply ducts. One-third the size of traditional duct work, our duct work allows our system to fit into a much smaller space than traditional systems. Our duct work has also been third-party tested and has proven to have 0% duct leakage and 0% thermal loss. Our blowers are equipped with fully Electronically Commutated (E.C.) Motors for the highest efficiency possible from our air handlers. This product also allows for unrivalled control of the airflow so only the exact amount of airflow is needed, saving even more energy.

We also recently introduced the Unico iSeries. This product line features the Unico System, high wall mini-splits and the most important product in this line is an outdoor inverter heat pump which has many benefits, most notably SEER ratings of up to 20. This unit also allows up to four indoor units, Unico System, Unico iSeries high wall mini-splits or both, to be used in conjunction on just one outdoor unit.

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