Efficiency You Can Measure

Unico, Inc. has always been at the forefront of Green Sustainability in the HVAC community. We have been involved in several LEED and sustainable projects all over the country. Our products and services ensure such projects are able to achieve Green and sustainable ratings and performance. These items below explain how.

100% Effective

The Unico System delivers 100% of the system's energy to the conditioned space.

Inverter Heat Pump Technology

The newest Unico technology is advanced in its simplicity and performance for the built space. As building envelopes get tighter and tighter, less BTU’s are needed to condition both on heating and cooling. The inverter heat pump coordinates automatically with the Unico motor to provide the exact CFM of air combined with BTU’s of heat or cool generated by the compressor. The motor and compressor ramp up and down automatically, gently and very efficiently in order to produce the requisite BTU’s of comfort necessary only using the amount of energy needed to heat or cool based up the needs of the structure. Remember that Unico is a low volume air technology and supplies about half the CFM per rated ton that a large duct traditional system delivers. Large volumes of air are counterproductive to tight construction especially in high latent (humidity) areas such as the Gulf Coast, Texas, the southeast and some of the eastern seaboard states. These traditional systems tend to dump large volumes of cold air into the structure, satisfying the thermostat. However, the traditional system does not have the ability to dehumidify to the extent necessary. The Unico combination of low volume air, matched to a compressor that is as small as one ton of cooling, allows for a longer very energy efficient duty cycle at low delivered loads. Moisture inside the structure is removed and the interior of the home is free from moisture build up, a leading cause for mold and mildew creation.

Motor Technology

Our motor is a true Electronically Commutated (E.C.) motor. The motor ramps up and down automatically based upon the engineering inputs into the software. We have 6 distinct settings. Our motor will automatically adjust its delivered CFM (cubic feet per minute) and the RPM’s of the motor and is ideal for zoning to our application. This allows the CFM of air necessary to heat or cool an individual zone perfectly and very quietly. As an example if there are 4 zones of comfort from one blower and only one of the zones is calling for comfort, the motor will automatically adjust airflow to deliver BTU’s very efficiently and quietly. The delivered CFM of air is calculated and presented on the screen of the software. We measure and verify CFM based upon a simple measurement of the air at each outlet and adding up the CFM and verifying this will the actual CFM of air being driven through the duct system.

IAQ and Fresh Air Technology

Using our patent pending fresh air software driven technology that coordinates with our motor software, we calculate the exact amount of fresh air needed for each application over a 24 hour period. The installer can always increase the amount of fresh air, but the software does not allow LESS than the minimum for a 24 hour period. This means that the house has thinsures that oe requisite amount of fresh air, insuring healthy air for the occupants. This also insures that the exact amount of energy is used to condition the fresh air from outside. We recommend that the fresh air from outside be filtered to at least a MERV 11 and the Motor technology described above has the torque to pull through not only the fresh air filter, but the recommended whole house MERV 11 filter as well, with an imperceptible loss of motor efficiency. In many cases our fresh air technology eliminates the need for an HRV, saving its energy as well.

Heating and Cooling Coil Technology

Our coils on both heating and cooling are draw through coils. Most traditional large duct systems blow through the coil. By drawing through the coil with our superior motor technology, we are able to increase the thickness of the coil. This enhanced design results in a greater reduction in heat on cooling (24 to 26 degree reduction) and a greater heat rise (approximately 50 degrees) on heating. This is an advantage when conditioning the humid hot fresh air in the summer or the cold fresh air in the winter. Sized properly with both our blower motor and fresh air software, the Unico System in many applications will eliminate the need for an HRV. This saves money for the project. Most importantly, it saves the energy that the HRV needs to process and clean the fresh air.

Design Software

Our proprietary software enables us to design the Unico System that is right for your projects geography, LEED level, occupant comfort and heating and cooling necessary to meet your design criteria. Our design package calculates room by room BTU’s of comfort both heating and cooling, indoor design temperatures based upon specific geographic weather data, and lays out for you the manner in which the Unico System should be installed. The package also provides a material list that can be used for budgeting and job installation and material ordering. One of the most sustainable aspects of any project is the elimination of or the reduction in waste of materials on the project. The Unico material list helps to reduce waste by providing as specific a product list as is needed. Below are 3 examples of our design deliverable.

Ward House.pdf

Gabrys Residence.pdf

Adrian Residence.pdf

Professional Installation

Unico provides in person and online contractor technical training. This training takes the installing professional through a progressive curriculum which can provide the contractor and the project extended warranty and support benefits. By testing the contractor at each level, Unico insures that the knowledge and expertise has been transferred. The result is an educated contractor who can design, install and commission the Unico products they install.

Project Commissioning

Unico has a complete product commissioning procedure. At the appropriate time during the installation and the end of the installation, the installing professional takes readings on airflow, refrigerant charge, amp draw, software settings, and final duct design and layout of the Unico System. This document is included many times in the paperwork the HERS rater turns in for the overall house commissioning. This commissioning and service report also gives Unico Customer Service the data necessary to technically assist the installing or servicing professional.

Product Manufacturing Efficiency

This video, which focuses on our metal fabrication plant, shows our commitment to providing exceptionally high quality products and services. And because we're an ISO 9000 company, our internal practices ensures that our standards will always be at the highest level.

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