If you’re building the home of the future today, Unico System is the only choice for your energy efficient heating and cooling.

Visionary builders and savvy homeowners who want the very best in green, energy saving technology are specifying and requesting The Unico System for their state-of-the-art homes.

Here's Why:

Conventional systems suffer from air leakage of between 20 and 50%. Unico is proven to achieve 0% air leakage in its air delivery system. That means all of the air – and comfort – your system is generating, is being delivered to warm or cool your home.
Unico is the only product on the market with 0% thermal loss – out of the box. No elaborate sealing and fabrication is required – just make sure your installer follows the installation instructions and you will have the tightest, best insulated air delivery product available – not just in the test lab, but in real world applications.
Inverter technology, matched inside and out, means that your system is programmed to use only the energy it absolutely requires to deliver the heating or cooling you need at the moment. On a mild day, you may only need 10% of your system’s total capacity to make you comfortable. With The Unico System, the system matches your comfort need – so when you need just 10%, the equipment runs at 10%, making it perfectly energy efficient.
The Unico System is repeatedly used in the most demanding situations – and it should come as no surprise that this product has been used in more LEED Platinum homes than any other heating and cooling product on the market. And the United States government has recognized this product’s unique efficiency by selecting it as the product of choice for its prestigious – and zero energy – DOE Challenge Homes.
Our products fit into a tighter space and seamlessly integrate with energy efficient construction; they bring the highest levels of insulation, air filtration and inverter electrical use on the market today. End users experience lower humidity, more even room temperatures, and draft-free operation. And the Unico System has achieved accolades and recommendations from leaders in energy efficient construction.
Our company has a dedicated group of professionals supporting the sale of our products into the new construction market. Let our sales people introduce you to the product with a live 15 minute webinar on The Unico System, or feel free to send us the electronic plan of your new home and our design professionals will do a free heating and cooling calculation and design for you.

David Gottfried

David Gottfried, founder of the Regenerative Network, the foremost global consortium of the green building industry's leading product manufacturers and service providers, gives his endorsement of the Unico System. 

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